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For SPIA Faculty and Staff

Fiscal Forms:

To ensure efficiency and accuracy of each request, please fill out one of the attached forms, whichever applies to your request.  A critical piece of any transaction is approval and funding source.  Here are some guidelines before submitting requests to Leslie Day:

Travel Approval:  This is the form to complete PRIOR to travel (at least 2 weeks ahead of scheduled travel).  You will need to obtain the signature from the person that has authority over the fund.  Please complete the form, include every funding source, estimate of expenses, and proper signature for fund being used.  Signatures may be scanned or faxed.

Travel Reimbursement:  This is the form to complete upon RETURN of travel.  All travel requests should be submitted within 30 days return of travel. Please complete the form, submit all information along with original receipts to Leslie Day for processing.

Reimbursement Request:  This is the form used when a general purchase has been made and you are requesting reimbursement.  Please complete the form along with the fund to charge and proper approval.  Leslie will need your original receipts.

Business Meal Reimbursement:  This form is used any time you are requesting meal reimbursement. Please complete the form, giving complete list of attendees and business purpose of the meal.  Obtain approval for the fund to charge and signature of person authorizing the meal.


Other information:

Travel Voucher—This is the form that Leslie processes based on your travel reimbursement request form.  Once she receives your request for reimbursement, the voucher is completed within 5 business days.  Once complete, she will email you for signature,  This form requires all original signatures before being sent to the Controller’s office.  Faxed or scanned signatures will not be accepted.

Orders—If you need Leslie to order an item for you, please provide the specific item number that you are requesting.  She needs the quantity and the business purpose of the purchase.  She also needs the fund to charge and direct approval from the person authorizing the purchase.  This can be sent to her in an email with description or direct link to the item.

Using each form will give Leslie the information she needs to process items efficiently for you.   She cannot move forward on any request unless she has a fund to charge and the authorization to do so.  If you do not know the fund number, please provide a description of the fund (overhead, operating, start up, etc.) Providing this at the time of the request will ensure faster processing. 

If you have questions, please contact Leslie at 231-5176 or